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South Carolina Drug Crime Lawyer

In South Carolina and Georgia, drug crimes are considered serious criminal offenses. Even being in possession of drugs for personal use can be harshly punished. A drug conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life, including jail or prison time, substantial fines, and a criminal record that can make finding employment or housing more difficult. When you have been arrested on drug charges, turn to a Georgia and South Carolina drug crime lawyer to defend your freedom and future.

At The Bannon Law Group, LLC, our legal team brings their years of experience in the criminal justice system to help our clients pursue the best possible outcomes to their drug charges. Attorneys Jim and Meredith Bannon served as prosecutors in solicitors’ offices in South Carolina. This has given them a unique experience in the criminal justice system, which they now use to develop effective defense strategies on behalf of their clients. Our firm is prepared to vigorously advocate on your behalf, fighting to get the most favorable result for you.

If you are facing drug crime charges in Jasper or Beaufort County, reach out to The Bannon Law Group, LLC today for a confidential case review to learn more about your legal rights and options for defending yourself against your charges and protecting your freedom, future, and reputation. We are also licensed to practice in Georgia, serving clients in Savannah/Chatham County, Effingham County, Pooler County, Rincon County, and more. Contact us today.

What Kinds of Charges Can a Georgia and South Carolina Drug Crime Lawyer from Our Firm Help You Face?

At The Bannon Law Group, LLC, a seasoned Georgia and South Carolina drug crime lawyer from our legal team can provide you with the legal advocacy and advice you need when facing charges such as:

  • Simple possession, where a defendant is charged with possessing drugs intended for their personal consumption
  • Possession with intent to distribute, which alleges that a defendant possessed drugs with the intent to sell or otherwise give the drugs to other people. Possession with intent to distribute can be charged where a defendant was found with more than a certain quantity of drugs, or was found with drugs packaged for sale, or was also found in possession of packaging materials (e.g. bags, scales, etc.).
  • Drug manufacturing, or the cultivation, production, processing, and preparation of drugs, either for personal use or for further distribution and sale.
  • Drug trafficking, or the transporting of drugs from a manufacturer to a distributor or dealer. Trafficking may be presumed by the quantity of drugs, or when transporting drugs long distances or across state lines.
  • Conspiracy to distribute, manufacture, or traffic drugs, which is charged when two or more people have an explicit or implicit agreement to engage in a criminal enterprise involving the production, distribution, and/or sale of drugs.

Drug crimes can be graded as misdemeanors, which carry a sentence of less than one year of incarceration plus potential fines, or as felonies, which have prison sentences of at least a year plus the possibility of substantial fines. Drug crimes may also be prosecuted at the state level under South Carolina or Georgia law, or at the federal level under federal law when a drug enterprise spans multiple states.

A Georgia and South Carolina Drug Crime Lawyer from Bannon Law Group LLC Will Explore Potential Defenses for Your Case

At The Bannon Law Group, LLC, a Georgia and South Carolina drug crime lawyer from our team will leave no stone unturned in preparing the most effective defense strategy possible under the circumstances of your case. Our firm will handle all the details of preparing your defense, including:

  • Performing an independent investigation of your case, rather than simply relying on the evidence provided by the prosecution, to find all possible evidence that we can use in developing a defense strategy in your case
  • Reviewing the evidence to identify potential defense options, such as moving to suppress the state’s evidence or challenging the state’s ability to prove each element of your charges beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Going over your charges and the possible outcomes, as well as what you can expect at each stage of the criminal justice process.
  • Exploring alternative resolutions to your drug charges, such as seeking your admission to drug court.
  • Negotiating with the prosecution, where appropriate, for a plea agreement that will allow you to avoid the most serious consequences of a conviction.
  • Advocating on your behalf in court and at trial if necessary to fight for an acquittal for you.

Contact Us for an Initial Case Review to Go Over the Details of Your Charges and to Learn More about Your Rights and Options

Don’t leave your freedom and future to chance when facing charges of drug crimes. Contact The Bannon Law Group, LLC for an initial consultation to discuss how a Georgia and South Carolina drug crime lawyer from our firm can help you to prepare and pursue an effective legal strategy in your case to fight for the best possible outcome for your charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Crimes in South Carolina and Georgia

FAQ: How do I beat a felony drug charge?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have one or more factual or legal defenses available to you to fight against a felony drug charge. These defenses include: evidence of drugs must be excluded from the case because they were obtained by police in a search that violated your constitutional rights; the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly had possession of the drugs; the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the substance(s) at issue were illegal drugs, the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you possessed a felony quantity of drugs, or that you possessed drugs with intent to sell or distribute them.

FAQ: Is there a statute of limitations on drug charges?

A statute of limitations is a legal time limit in which a criminal prosecution or a civil case must be filed in court. Unlike Georgia and other states, South Carolina has no statute of limitations on criminal charges of any kind. Whether misdemeanor drug crimes or felony drug crimes, the state may start a prosecution on drug charges at any time after the offense occurs. 

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